Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hello, family, friends and fans,

     Amy and I are having a contest. There are no prizes. Only gloating rights. Not for you. For us.

     Amy says she has more friends following our blog since they are constantly sending her e-mails. I say, no way, I have more friends, they're just the strong and silent type which is why they are not commenting or e-mailing me (except for Victoria and Deb!).

     So, for the next week, Amy and I are in deep competition to see who can get more comments from our peeps.

     Please help us and leave a comment stating if you are on Team Amy or Team Jo. Short and sweet is fine. Long and praise-worthy is even better.

     I look forward to your comments.



Monday, November 15, 2010

Wicked Good - Introduction

     We are sisters who live in Maine and Florida and we wrote this book together - via e-mail, phone and sometimes in person. Wicked Good is the story of Archer Falcon and her fifteen-year-old son Rory who has Aspergers Syndrome. We are using this blog to post Wicked Good chapter-by-chapter; and will include other goodies along the way including interviews, what the critics are saying, Rory says... and more. We hope you enjoy Archer and Rory's adventure.

   Jodi Webb, an author who posts about writing, has posted an interview with us. Please check it out at: