Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wicked Good - finally on the Barnes & Noble Nook

Hi Everyone -      

     As an update, We have entered the next phase of the publishing of our novel, WICKED GOOD. WICKED GOOD has been selling well on Amazon for the Kindle. Here is the link:

                                          Wicked Good

     And, finally - after resolving some issues involving the cover art (ironically, the photo of the book cover is still not up), WICKED GOOD is now available on the Barnes & Noble Nook. Here is the link:

    We have been told by our publisher that WICKED GOOD will be available on other e-readers soon. And, we're still on target for WICKED GOOD to be released as a hardcover in mid-June.

    Thank you so much to everyone for your support and good wishes regarding WICKED GOOD. The response has been overwhelming. We are thrilled. Here is an of excerpt of a review we just received from a mother with an autistic child: 

    I can not tell you how much I identified with Archer and how much I enjoyed Wicked Good. The book was so well written that I felt Rory’s and Archer’s pain and frustrations. Each of the main characters had a substantial story, even Wayne’s detached, unconnected and unrealistic view of raising a child with special needs was a story in itself. Wicked Good is a great book for all readers but especially for parents. Those trials and tribulations which do not kill us...make us stronger. 

    Our website is finished. If you want to check it out, please go to 


    If you have read and liked WICKED GOOD, please leave a 5 star review on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble. Apparently, the reviews are very helpful for people to notice the novel and, hopefully, read it. And thanks to those who have already left reviews. We really appreciate all of you.

    Thanks again for your support of WICKED GOOD. 

Amy and Jo

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wicked Good - Author photo

Our publisher asked for our author photo today since they are starting pre-production on the hardcover of Wicked Good. So, here it is. Our author photo for the back of Wicked Good. Drum roll, please.......

We hope you like it.

Amy and Jo

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wicked Good - The Beaning Ceremony - Part Three of Three - It's All Wicked Good

Wicked Good – The Beaning Ceremony
Part Three of Three
It’s All Wicked Good

         Amy and I are receiving bean #30 in Joyce’s class tomorrow night.

         Here are some fun stats related to Joyce’s classes:

         The Thursday class has been going for 15 years and has received 20 of the beans. This is my class.
         The Wednesday class is 8 years old and has 6 beans.
         The Tuesday group is almost 3 years old and has no beans.
         Other writers not in one of the groups – 4 beans.

         Here is the breakdown of beans by genre:

         Young Adult: 11
         Picture book: 6
         Non fiction: 5
         General fiction/mystery (Wicked Good falls into general fiction category): 2 – this includes Wicked Good.
         Middle Grade: 1
         Poetry: 3
         Other categories: 2

         There are only 10 beans left from the pods originally brought here from Costa Rica. Luckily, Joyce has a “source” in South America to get more.

         Amy and I are thrilled to be co-beaned. It’s all Wicked Good.

Wicked Good is a novel written by co-authors Amy Faircloth Lewis and Joanne Lewis. Wicked Good is available for the Kindle on Amazon (Wicked Good), for other e-readers soon and as a hardcover in June.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wicked Good - The Beaning Ceremony - Part Two of Three

Wicked Good – The Beaning Ceremony
Part Two of Three
Don’t Blink – You’ll Miss It

         One of Joyce’s students and a writer whose novels feature deeply complicated and downright terrorizing plotlines returned from Costa Rica with pods from the Guanacaste tree ( The Guanacaste, also known as the CaroCaro or Elephant Ear tree, is a flowering tree in the pea family. Small, green pods appear around December and stay until flowering season begins in March. She brought home two pods and gave them to Joyce who discovered there were approximately twenty beans in each.
         On the eve of Joyce’s first writing student being published 15 years ago, Joyce was trying to figure out the exact way to mark this wonderful achievement. Getting published was the goal of all the writers under her tutelage and there had to be a unique way to acknowledge this rite of passage. A trophy ala the Oscars or Emmys? A certificate of achievment? Flowers and balloons? No, no and no. Not original enough. Joyce looked at the beans in front of her and like Jack and his beans that became a stalk which grew into the clouds, she knew they were magical. And she knew there was only one way to mark the wondrous accomplishment for each writer of finally getting published. The tradition of the beaning ceremony was born.
         I’ve attended a few beaning ceremonies over the years. Everyone gathers at the start of the Thursday night class. Congratulations fly around the room to the soon-to-be beaned author. Those unpublished wonder when it will be their turn to receive a bean. Everyone is genuinely happy for the newly published author as we all know how hard the journey is from blank page to the bookshelves. Joyce sits at the head of the table and takes out a native American looking rattle and hands it to the person she believes will be the next to be offered a publishing contract. That person shakes the rattle. Joyce walks to the person being beaned and hands her the bean. Everyone claps. Joyce sits down and announces who will be the first to read that night. The ceremony has ended.
         Don’t blink – you’ll miss it.
         Five years after attending my first Thursday night writing workshop with Joyce Sweeney, I am finally receiving a bean. The beaning will be on Thursday, April 21st. I am not getting the bean for the murder mystery I was writing when I first attended Sleuthfest and met Deborah Sharp who suggested I join Joyce’s writing group. That novel is still being shopped by my agent. I am receiving a bean for something even better, something I would have never imagined when I was first accepted into Joyce’s group – for the publishing of Wicked Good, a novel I wrote with my sister, Amy.

Coming Wednesday, April 20th: Part Three of The Beaning Ceremony, It’s All Wicked Good.

Wicked Good is a novel written by co-authors Amy Faircloth Lewis and Joanne Lewis. Wicked Good is available for the Kindle on Amazon (Wicked Good), for other e-readers soon and as a hardcover in June.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wicked Good - The Beaning Ceremony - Part One of Three

Wicked Good – The Beaning Ceremony
Part One of Three
Invitation Only

         There are many traditions in Fort Lauderdale. Snow-less Christmas. Transplanted northeasterners. Fickle sports fans. Snowbirds. And, Joyce Sweeney’s Beaning Ceremony.
         Let me start from the beginning. It was 2006 and I was attending Sleuthfest, a spectacular writing conference put on each year by the South Florida chapter of Mystery Writer’s of America (Sleuthfest is also a tradition). I was working on a murder mystery and at the conference I met Deborah Sharp, (, author of the cozy Mama series. Deb, a retired USA Today reporter, took me under her writing wing and suggested I join Joyce Sweeney’s Thursday night writing workshop group (
         “What’s a writing workshop?” I asked Deb, daring to sound stupid.
         “Published and unpublished writers read about fifteen pages of their work to the group and get critiqued.”
         “Sounds scary.”
         “It is at first but, trust me, it’s worth it.”
         Those words trust me coming from an author whose books have featured poisoned chili, a dead body in the trunk of a convertible and a murdered wedding caterer made me nervous. But, trust her I did.
         “Oh,” Deb added, “Joyce only accepts writers by invitation.”
         I exhaled forcefully. Why did every step of the writing process seem to involve another test? But, like all stubborn writers, I plowed forward. I sent a writing sample to Joyce and waited. Would I be accepted into the upper echelons of the Fort Lauderdale writing scene? Or was Deb setting me up, trying to get the plot for her next novel? Writer worries herself to death.
         Soon, I received an e-mail from Joyce. I was in! I was ecstatic and petrified. Fifteen pages in hand, I attended the first Thursday night group and was immediately welcomed by Joyce’s band of merry and eclectic authors. It seemed like all types of people were represented in the group. The affable tenth grade teacher who writes young adult novels. The wise poetess stricken by polio when she was young who whirrs into the workshop in a power chair ( The Sun Sentinel reporter whose novels are edged with tension like a steamy Florida night.  And the yacht chef who writes memoirs peppered with recipes and brings dessert to each group meeting (
         I didn’t read that first night but I did learn about the beaning ceremony. The beaning ceremony began in 1996 as a way to honor the first of Joyce’s steeds who went from unpublished to published. On that first Thursday night in Joyce’s class, I knew that was my goal. I wanted to be beaned.

         Coming Monday, April 18th: Part Two of The Beaning Ceremony, Don’t Blink – You’ll Miss It.

Wicked Good is a novel written by co-authors Amy Faircloth Lewis and Joanne Lewis. Wicked Good is available for the Kindle on Amazon (Wicked Good), for other e-readers soon and as a hardcover in June.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wicked Good - Jo's Guest Blog Post

Hi Everyone,

     I am a guest poster/blogger (not sure of the proper term here) on the Gelati Scoop blog. Amy will be the guest poster/blogger tomorrow. Here is the link:

     I'll post Amy's link on Wednesday. Enjoy.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Wicked Good - Update

Hi Everyone. Just wanted to give you a few updates on Wicked Good.

The big news is that we learned from our publisher, Trestle Press, that Wicked Good will be released as a hardcover in June.  Amy and I are busy calling photographers to find out about getting a professional photo done for the back cover. We have to step things up if we’re going to compete with the big authors. We’ve already decided not to use the photographer who said she can’t remove blemishes.

We have launched our website at I designed it so please feel free to offer any comments on how the website can be improved.

Wicked Good is selling very well on Amazon for the Kindle, Kindle for Iphone, Ipad, Mac, Blackberry and Android. We are still waiting for Wicked Good to be available on other e-readers such as the SONY e-reader and the Barnes and Noble NOOK. I have been keeping a list of all the SONY and NOOK users so I’ll let you all know when Wicked Good is ready for downloading on your e-readers.

Amy and I have been asked to do guest posts on the Gelati Scoop blog. Giovanni Gelati has a very popular blog and internet radio show. When I tried to friend him on Facebook I was denied since he already has 5000 friends. And was that really Catherine Zeta Jones I saw as one of his friends? We'll let you know when our guest posts are posted.

On April 22nd, Amy and I are going to be guests on Gelati's internet radio show. We'll keep you updated on that.

We’ve ordered bookmarks. If you want some and need me to mail them to you, let me know. This is what they look like:

We have our first book group request. It’s for a book group in Florida in June so only I will be able to go. Amy and I hope to get Wicked Good out to many different book groups all over the world. We will also be setting up book signings in Florida, Maine and hopefully other locations too.

Finally, we are about a quarter of the way through the first draft of Wicked Wise, the second book in the Wicked Series. Wicked Wise takes Archer and Rory to Boston which is great for me. Road trip!! The third book may have to be called Wicked Waikiki.

Please continue to recommend Wicked Good to your friends and family. And if you haven’t done so yet, please write a 5 star review for Wicked Good on Amazon. Go to and search Wicked Good Lewis or Wicked Good Faircloth, click on the reviews and then write your own review. Don't forget to give us 5 stars. 

That’s it for now, my friends. Thanks as always for your support of Wicked Good.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wicked Good - we made our first top 20 list.

The Gelati’s Scoop/The G-ZONE Top 20 novels of the 1st quarter of this year 2011 

Hi, everybody! I have put together my top 20 picks of novels for so far this year.

1. Harlan Coben-Live Wire
2. John Locke- Everything the guy has done: Donovan Creed to Follow the Stone. This is must read stuff!
3. Layton Green- The Summoners- $.99 of kick#$%
4.Lee Goldberg-Mr. Monk on the Road- This is probably the man’s best work with this character!
5. Amy Faircloth/Joanne Lewis- Wicked Good- An amazingly intense read, captivating, it will make you cry, laugh, smile and inspire you. Do not pass this up!
6. James Patterson- Tick.Tock- I am a sucker for the main character.
7. Blake Crouch –Run-This is one of the reasons I am enjoying Horror more, great author, excellent writing.
8. Robert Crais- The Sentry- Joe Pike,need I say more?
9 .B.R. Stateham- Death of a Young Lieutenant- so well written that the WWI theme will not be a factor, but a bonus. This guy can write period. If you looking to discover a versatile author look no further!
10. Jason McIntyre- Thalo Blue- I believe I wrote something like this story into my brain pan and wouldn’t leave it. Freak show of fun, download this novel.
11.Suzanne Woods Fisher- The Search –An Amish novel ,you bet, it rocks, but Plain Folk style. Nice lady also, she was an awesome guest in The G-ZONE.
12. Preston/Child- Gideon’s Sword- I just fell in love with the character, good stuff, nice read.
13.Irene Hannon- Fatal Judgment- New series for her, same awesome quality in a novel.
14. Laurie Bowler- The Depths of Darkness- are you a vampire freak, this one is for you.Plenty of blood and romance for all.
15.Alex Berenson- The Secret Soldier- One of my favorite characters by an awesome author.
16. Brad Meltzer- The Inner Circle- what a conspiracy in the Nation’s Capital, do tell? Well he did and it was fun,if you haven’t tried it don’t hesitate.
17.Beth Groundwater- Deadly Currents- what you ask ,a tall Italian guy in raging white water? Why not, it sounds fun.
18.Siabello Giorello- The Mountains Bow Down- I thought I would give them a chance before I kicked them down like other tall buidings I have. Good novel.
19. J.E. Seymour- Lead Poisoning-  This has nothing to do with a number 2 pencil, just thought I would clue you in.
20. Joanne Thompson- Stars Collide- you know anytime that your daughter takes a book from you and doen’t give it back it is a keeper.

What are you reading today? Have you checked out our new blogtalk radio show The G-ZONE? Check us out and become our friend on Shelfari, The Novel Spot &Twitter. Go to Goodreads and become our friend there and suggest books for us to read and post on. Did you know you can shop directly on Amazon by clicking the Amazon Banner on our blog?  Thanks for stopping by today; We will see you tomorrow. Have a great day.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Wicked Good - is number one!

After being published only 8 days, Wicked Good is the number one best seller
for our publisher, Trestle Press.

Sometimes, there are no words. And that says a lot coming from a couple of writers.


 Wicked Good 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wicked Good - shout out

This is a link to an article on traditional v. non-traditional publishing with a shout out to me and Amy and our novel, Wicked Good. Follow link below then scroll down to Traditional, What is Traditional Anymore? Thanks, Jo

Great Guest Post from Giovanni Gelati, host extraordinaire of New Jersey's "The G-Zone" Blog Talk Radio Program which I will be appearing on this Thursday, April 7, 12PM EST
I have to say I was taken aback by Vincent Zandri when he said to me, “Yo G, How about you guest post on The Vox?” I mean let’s face facts, I am not in the man’s stratus when it comes to the written word and I don’t really mean to bring down everyone to my reading and writing ability, but here goes: