Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wicked Good - Cover Art Part 2

Here is another prospective cover using the willow tree as a theme:

We still didn't like it. We realized that while in Wicked Good the willow represents being strong - bending but not breaking - as an image it is kind of creepy. Amy said: "why don't we put a boy on the cover? I look at every book with a boy on the cover." Since Amy represents the demographic that would most likely read Wicked Good, I agreed. I then went searching on the Internet for a photo of a mother and a boy that I could show our publisher as an example of what we thought would make a good cover image. After a few hours of trying to find just the right image and being concerned with copyright issues, I realized that my own photo library was extensive and I wouldn't sue myself if I used one of my own photos. And then, the lightbulb went off. I immediately knew the perfect photo. I just had to get Amy to agree. I am pleased to say that she did.

We are still waiting to see what our publisher will do with the cover but here is the photo that we would like to see used in the design:

We hope you like this idea. Stay turned for the next post: Wicked Good - Cover Art Part 3.


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