Friday, May 20, 2011

Wicked Good - The Value Of That

            I spend a lot of my time trying to figure out how to get our novel Wicked Good into the hearts and minds of strangers. I know my friends and family will read the book, if they haven’t already done so. And I appreciate all of you more than I can properly express. But now that the hardcover is going to be released in less then one month – it’s time for Wicked Good to reach broader exposure. People who don’t know me or Amy. The question is – how?
            I’ve read books and blogs on marketing novels. I’ve had in-depth conversations with my writing friends who have already published novels and are asking the same question as me. And I’ve taken all of the advice – almost.
            I’m on Facebook. My friend Steven who is a writer on the verge of being published has over 3000 friends. He believes that once he gets the publishing contract step one of his marketing plan will be in place. My friend Michael, also a writer who will most likely be published one day, has 30 friends. His logic: I only want “real” friends. I see the value in both points of view. I try to friend new people weekly but I still cherish my “real” friends.
            I’m on Twitter but I don’t really get it. It seems like people on Twitter just want to advertise something or someone or themselves. People tweet about this book or that product or this interview and then mix in a comment on the weather or what movie they’ve seen to make it look like they’re not really doing what everyone else is doing. But then my father asked me to explain the difference between Twitter and Tweeter. I explained that you tweet on Twitter not twit on Tweeter. We went on-line and I showed him. He said, follow Rex Ryan, the coach of the New York Jets; which I did. The next day, Rex Ryan followed me. As a lifelong Jet fan, I definitely see the value of that!
            I’m on LinkedIn. I like that one. I posted a question recently seeking to find experts on Asperger’s syndrome who might want to write a testimonial for the back cover of Wicked Good. I received five referrals. None of them came through but I see the value of that.
            Amy and I will be doing a blog tour. We will be having speaking engagements, readings and book signings. I will keep posting on our blog and updating our website. I will friend more friends on Facebook and continue to banter with my “real” friends on the social network. I will tweet occasionally, hoping that Rex Ryan is paying attention.
            And then I will spend in-person time with my friends like Michael and Steven. I will enjoy my family.  I will write. I will play with my dog. I definitely see the value of that!


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