Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wicked Good - Amy and Jo Interview - Part One

Amy and Jo Interview – Part One

Since Paul Bunyan has a brief mention in chapter fourteen of Wicked Good, he contacted us for an interview. The guy has been standing in Bass Park in Bangor for over fifty years so we figured he’s wicked bored. Anyway, when a thirty-one foot tall statue weighing almost four thousand pounds requests an interview, we were more than willing to comply.

PB: So, Amy and Jo, what made you decide to write a book together?

Amy: We thought it’d be fun.

Jo: Wicked fun.

Amy: We wanted to do something together and we knew it had to be long distance since we only get to see each other about twice a year. Jo’s been writing books for a long time so we thought it’d be neat to write one together.

Jo: Wicked neat.

PB (sneering at Jo): If the wicked jokes continue, I will have to use my ax.

Jo (swallowing hard): Yes, sir.

PB (cheery again): How did you come up with the idea for Wicked Good?

Amy: Originally, we were writing an action-adventure novel about a mad scientist who discovers a cure for cancer…

Jo: …but that cure can only be found in a very rare genetic code which only Rory possesses…

PB: So I imagine that Archer and Rory would be eager for him to donate his genes to science to cure cancer.

Amy: Yes for the cure part but no because once the gene was extracted, Rory would die.

Jo: So it was a real dichotomy for Archer.

Amy: It ended up being this long chase with Archer having conflicting feelings and Rory not knowing why people were after him and…

Jo: It was wicked, um, I mean, really boring.

Amy: Yeah, we hated writing it.

Jo: So we came up with a new idea. We loved the characters of Archer and Rory and we knew we wanted to tackle the intricacies of Autism and so…

Amy: …Wicked Good was born.

PB: Thank you very much, Amy and Jo. In our next interview live from Bass Park in Bangor, Maine, we will discuss how you actually wrote the book between Maine and Florida. Until then, this lumberjack is signing out.

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