Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wicked Good - What the critics are saying...Minda A. from NY

Hi Jo,

Just catching up with Rory and Archer. What an emotional rollercoaster! You've certainly captured the intense personalities and emotions of the characters!! And I love the "inserts". They give the reader a "break" from having to deal with Rory. I, of course, empathize with Archer.

Is the book finished or are you writing/editing as you go along?

Has it been published?

Most importantly, are you enjoying the process?
All the best,

Dear Minda,

I'm really glad you're enjoying Wicked Good.

To answer your questions:

The book is finished. It took us over 2 years to write, revise and revise some more. Our mother's book group read it and gave us comments from which we made more revisions. It could still use a professional editing but without that, it's finished.

I am glad you like the inserts.

Wicked Good has not been published. 

And yes, we are loving the process. Amy and I started writing Wicked Good to do something together. The blog is a continuation of that. We really enjoy it. And we love that people are enjoying reading about Archer and Rory.

Happy holidays, Jo

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  1. I think you guys should publish it and make bank, that way i won't have to live in Maine.