Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wicked Good - Amy and Jo Interview - Part Three

Amy and Jo Interview – Part Three
Live from Bass Park, Bangor, Maine
     In Paul Bunyan’s last interview of us, he asked us to explain Asperger’s Syndrome. You can read that interview by going to Blog Archive, December, 2010 and scrolling down to Amy and Jo Interview – Part Two.

    If you want to read a real interview of us, go to:

PB: It’s been awhile since we’ve last spoke so why don’t you update your readers on what has been happening with Wicked Good and the blog.
Amy: We’ve been having a blast. Jo was in Maine for a couple of weeks over the holidays and not only did we work on the blog but we went snowshoeing, saw movies, hung out, got snowed in, played with the dogs. We also made a video with images inspired by Wicked Good which you can view at:
PB: I saw the video. It’s great.
Jo: Thanks. Blogging Wicked Good has been really incredible. We have people following us from all over the world. The United States, of course, but also, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa. Some places I’ve never even heard of.
PB: Remind us, please, is Wicked Good finished?
Amy: Yes. We just posted chapter 51. There are 80 chapters total.

PB: Will you consider self-publishing or e-publishing Wicked Good?
Amy: We would love to get published in the traditional sense but we’re not opposed to considering self- or e-publishing either. I guess that’s what we’re doing anyway with the blog.The blog has been more fun because we get to add pictures of things we like, add interviews, and other stuff.
Jo: If any readers want us to send Wicked Good to their Kindle or other e-reader, we’d be happy to do so. Just leave a comment for us on the blog or e-mail us at
Amy: We’ll decide what to do with Wicked Good next after we’re done posting the entire book. Right now, we’re just doing the blog and talking about what our next book is going to be about.
PB: Another book? Wicked good! What’s it about?
Jo: It’s tentatively titled Wicked Wise and Rory will be graduating from high school. Maybe we'll follow Rory until he is an old man and see how Asperger’s affects him at different stages of his life. Graduating high school, working, getting married, growing old, losing Archer, even how he reacts to the prospect of his own death.
Amy: We'll be pretty old by then.  We haven’t decided exactly what the next one is about just yet but we’re working on it. All I know is this one better have at least one dog in it.
Jo: We might also write it from Rory’s point of view this time. We need to have a high-powered writer’s meeting to decide.
Amy (laughing): My agent can call your agent.
Jo: Or maybe your poodle can call mine!
Amy: We might even blog the writing of the second book.
PB: That sounds awesome. This statue has learned a lot once again. Until our next interview, this lumberjack is signing out.

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