Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wicked Good - Amy and Jo Interview - Part Four

Amy and Jo Interview – Part Four
Live from Bass Park, Bangor, Maine
     This is Paul Bunyan’s fourth interview of us. You can read the previous interviews by scrolling down below The Daily Puppy, go to Blog Archive, then

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PB: I just finished reading Wicked Good. That was awesome.
Amy and Jo: Thanks.
PB: Now that you’ve posted the final chapter of Wicked Good, what are your plans for the novel?
Jo: We’re hoping to get it published traditionally. If not, we’ll have to see what we want to do.
Amy: Getting it published traditionally would be great but we’ve achieved our goal which was to keep working on Wicked Good together and having fun.
Jo: And we’ve started the next book in the series, Wicked Wise.
Amy: We’ll be posting the first chapter soon.
Jo:  What if we don't get it finished?
Amy:  We will.  And we can always change it.  No one will remember.
PB: Will you blog Wicked Wise too?
Jo: Maybe when it’s finished. We’re going to post chapter one as a teaser so fans of Wicked Good will keep Archer and Rory in the backs of their minds. When Wicked Wise is ready to be shared with the world, readers will feel as if they’ve been reunited with old friends.
PB: Any hints as to what is going to happen in Wicked Wise?
Amy: It will continue to follow Rory as he leaves his teens and tries to figure out where he wants to take his life. And while Archer feels helpless - like most parents who have to let their children live and learn on their own - she becomes empowered too.
Jo: Wicked Wise will be different from Wicked Good in that it involves a completely new adventure, new challenges and some new characters.
Amy: And while Wicked Good was about unconditional love…
Jo: Wicked Wise is about acceptance of who we are, imperfections and all.
PB: That sounds great. When can we expect to get a sneak preview of chapter one?
Jo: In the next few days. And while we will not be blogging every day as we’ve been doing, there will be some additional features and updates on the Wicked Good blog.
Amy: And don’t forget, if any readers want us to send Wicked Good to their Kindle or other e-reader, or to their e-mail address, we’d be happy to do so. Just leave a comment for us on the blog or e-mail us at
Jo: And if you’ve enjoyed reading about Archer and Rory, please tell all your friends.
PB: Thank you, Amy and Jo. I loved reading Wicked Good. This statue wishes you a woodpile of success. Until our next interview, this lumberjack is signing out.


  1. Congratulations! Reads, Reviews, Recommends has chosen your blog for the Life is Good Award:

  2. OK, I have become very involved with and attached to Rory and, I have an idea, especially after reading about the new adventure...what about inviting your dedicated readers at some point in time, maybe chapter 12 or 26 or whatever chapter, to send in the "next" chapter as they would like to have it read, then, the true authors pick among the finalists, and then post the readers' chapter? The true authors pick up from there!
    In any event, it will be exciting to see what these characters are up to next!

  3. Great idea, Annie. We'll see how we can incorporate this with Wicked Wise. We've already written 3 chapters!!!!