Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wicked Good - we made our first top 20 list.

The Gelati’s Scoop/The G-ZONE Top 20 novels of the 1st quarter of this year 2011 

Hi, everybody! I have put together my top 20 picks of novels for so far this year.

1. Harlan Coben-Live Wire
2. John Locke- Everything the guy has done: Donovan Creed to Follow the Stone. This is must read stuff!
3. Layton Green- The Summoners- $.99 of kick#$%
4.Lee Goldberg-Mr. Monk on the Road- This is probably the man’s best work with this character!
5. Amy Faircloth/Joanne Lewis- Wicked Good- An amazingly intense read, captivating, it will make you cry, laugh, smile and inspire you. Do not pass this up!
6. James Patterson- Tick.Tock- I am a sucker for the main character.
7. Blake Crouch –Run-This is one of the reasons I am enjoying Horror more, great author, excellent writing.
8. Robert Crais- The Sentry- Joe Pike,need I say more?
9 .B.R. Stateham- Death of a Young Lieutenant- so well written that the WWI theme will not be a factor, but a bonus. This guy can write period. If you looking to discover a versatile author look no further!
10. Jason McIntyre- Thalo Blue- I believe I wrote something like this story into my brain pan and wouldn’t leave it. Freak show of fun, download this novel.
11.Suzanne Woods Fisher- The Search –An Amish novel ,you bet, it rocks, but Plain Folk style. Nice lady also, she was an awesome guest in The G-ZONE.
12. Preston/Child- Gideon’s Sword- I just fell in love with the character, good stuff, nice read.
13.Irene Hannon- Fatal Judgment- New series for her, same awesome quality in a novel.
14. Laurie Bowler- The Depths of Darkness- are you a vampire freak, this one is for you.Plenty of blood and romance for all.
15.Alex Berenson- The Secret Soldier- One of my favorite characters by an awesome author.
16. Brad Meltzer- The Inner Circle- what a conspiracy in the Nation’s Capital, do tell? Well he did and it was fun,if you haven’t tried it don’t hesitate.
17.Beth Groundwater- Deadly Currents- what you ask ,a tall Italian guy in raging white water? Why not, it sounds fun.
18.Siabello Giorello- The Mountains Bow Down- I thought I would give them a chance before I kicked them down like other tall buidings I have. Good novel.
19. J.E. Seymour- Lead Poisoning-  This has nothing to do with a number 2 pencil, just thought I would clue you in.
20. Joanne Thompson- Stars Collide- you know anytime that your daughter takes a book from you and doen’t give it back it is a keeper.

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