Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wicked Good - The Beaning Ceremony - Part Three of Three - It's All Wicked Good

Wicked Good – The Beaning Ceremony
Part Three of Three
It’s All Wicked Good

         Amy and I are receiving bean #30 in Joyce’s class tomorrow night.

         Here are some fun stats related to Joyce’s classes:

         The Thursday class has been going for 15 years and has received 20 of the beans. This is my class.
         The Wednesday class is 8 years old and has 6 beans.
         The Tuesday group is almost 3 years old and has no beans.
         Other writers not in one of the groups – 4 beans.

         Here is the breakdown of beans by genre:

         Young Adult: 11
         Picture book: 6
         Non fiction: 5
         General fiction/mystery (Wicked Good falls into general fiction category): 2 – this includes Wicked Good.
         Middle Grade: 1
         Poetry: 3
         Other categories: 2

         There are only 10 beans left from the pods originally brought here from Costa Rica. Luckily, Joyce has a “source” in South America to get more.

         Amy and I are thrilled to be co-beaned. It’s all Wicked Good.

Wicked Good is a novel written by co-authors Amy Faircloth Lewis and Joanne Lewis. Wicked Good is available for the Kindle on Amazon (Wicked Good), for other e-readers soon and as a hardcover in June.

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