Monday, April 25, 2011

Wicked Good - Author photo

Our publisher asked for our author photo today since they are starting pre-production on the hardcover of Wicked Good. So, here it is. Our author photo for the back of Wicked Good. Drum roll, please.......

We hope you like it.

Amy and Jo


  1. I Love this photo and cannot wait to see these smiles on the cover of your new book!

  2. Your happy picture suggests positive, feelgood stories.

    What about thriller writers? An editor told me that my photo was 'too light' for a thriller writer. I changed it. Now everyone says I look like a gangster. Is that good or bad? How will it affect sales I wonder?

  3. Hi James. I'm no expert on author photos. Actually sitting for the photos was close to torture. Perhaps that could be the plot of your next thriller. I have no clue if an author's photo affects sales. One thing I am pretty positive about, as successful authors age, their author photos seem to stay the same. Good luck with your novel. I'm going to check out your website now. Jo